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Most Popular PHP Tutorials
PHP / mySQL Guestbook
This tutorial shows you everything you need to know to make your own PHP guestbook !
MySql Pagination Using EZResults and Smarty
The authors of ez_results have produced a version that works seamlessly with Smarty.
MySql Error Handling in PHP
The standard mysql library calls provide two methods for accessing error information, mysqk
Connecting to MySql
Describe how to connect to a MySql instance
Simple MySql Example
Quick overview of using PHP to connect to a MySql database, retrieve the rows of information and close out.

Most Popular PHP Articles
Classic Guestbook made with PHp/FLASH
I have created this script using Flash and PHP. Data is saved and retrieved through PHP and displayed in Flash movie in HTML format. ASP version of the same Guestbook is available under ASP section.

A completely fair and balanced comparison of php json libraries
The author provides a detailed comparison of popular JSON methods.
PHP apps: security's low-hanging fruit
PHP has become the most popular application language on the web, but common security mistakes by developers are giving PHP a bad name. Here's how PHP coding errors have become the new low-hanging fruit for attackers, contributing to the phishing problems on the web.
Interview with Tim Bray
The loud Atom evangelist Tim Bray talks about everything from Ruby to simplified equal opportunity.
Dojo Toolkit And OpenAjax Alliance Open Up the Ajax Field
The Dojo Foundation is a forerunner in the race to develop a standardized Ajax toolkit. Thus far, it seems to be a favorite and is receiving industry support, including the backing of the OpenAjax Alliance.


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